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Get Ready! The Houston Rodeo Is Coming Soon!

For many Texans, especially Houstonians, we have one really big claim to fame: The Rodeo. 

From the delicious food to the live performances to the carnival, there’s an endless amount of great things to see and do during this amazing time of the year. This year, the Rodeo was postponed a few months ahead due to Covid and is expected to begin on May 4th. Guests can expect to enjoy some good old-fashioned Rodeo fun while still taking proper Covid safety precautions.

The Rodeo holds a special place in the hearts of so many Houston residents. When I look back at last year, Covid-19 struck right in the middle of when the event was taking place, prematurely putting an end to festivities. It definitely made a big impression on a lot of Houstonians and hopes for a safer, better Rodeo in 2021 has proven to be a particularly strong sentiment among the locals. Just as it is every year, the Rodeo will take place at NRG Stadium. This enormous stadium is primarily used for major exhibits, concerts, and sporting events that millions of Houstonians enjoy every year. 

And I know from personal experience that, when it comes to residential living directly across the way from where the stadium is located, The Broadmead Apartments is THE place to be! This Karya-owned residential community features affordable living, quality amenities, friendly staff, and less than a ten-minute drive over to the stadium with ease. For those of you getting ready for the Rodeo and looking for a place to live, this is the ideal spot for all your living needs. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re just moving into the area, or if you’re a festival or sports junkie looking for quick reach to the best stadium events in Houston. 

This Rodeo season and especially in the weeks leading up to the event, make sure to be mindful of your personal health so as to accommodate the health of others. While Covid may possibly be ramping down by the time the Rodeo rolls around, we can still make sure to keep safe. Until then, I’ll be biding my time over at The Broadmead and getting ready to buy my tickets. 

The Rodeo only comes once a year so don’t miss out on the chance to plan ahead to make your visit a spectacular one!


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Jan 18
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