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Making the Mark with this Upcoming Houston Market

Even now, with Covid-19 slowing everything down, we might still find that there’s no shortage of important construction developments taking place within the Houston area. Houston’s oldest and largest farmer’s market is slowly but surely completing a major overhaul and will likely be fully complete very soon.

This major farmer’s market situated on 2520 Airline Drive is wedged between the Northside Village Region of Houston and the areas of Norhill and the Woodland Heights. These areas of the city are known for their upscale dining and shopping, from divine coffee shops to exquisite night clubs. When it comes to residents living in apartments within the area, the close proximity to Downtown Houston is equally ideal and you can expect to be wherever you want to be in less than ten minutes thanks to speedy regional commutes. In relation to regional closeness to the Farmer’s Market itself, I find that residents living down the street at the Providence at Heights or at the nearby Western Inn have the easiest pickings. That said, residents living in the Bayou Park, Medical Center, Memorial, and Independence Heights districts still have an extremely short commute and would be able to access the market without much hassle.

The former Canino Produce Market, opened in 1942, continues to revamp its look with the goal of completing the work by late 2020. This nearly 18-acre tract aims to include new climate-controlled spaces, open-air market areas, restrooms, and common seating areas with better traffic flow and expanded parking areas. While new mini-markets have been installed in the area in unoccupied spaces, there are still major plans to move things around upon the completion of the full market. 

Once completed, residents near the area will get the chance to sample some truly delicious and fresh foods from fruit to meat to anything their taste buds are craving. This exciting development is certainly one keeping an eye on, especially if you’re a foodie like I am.

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Nov 10
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